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PEAK Grantmaking
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Where practice
meets purpose

We are a community of 5,000 grants management professionals focused on the “how” of grantmaking. PEAK members lead the way in advancing equitable, effective practices – transforming how grants get made.

A new set of powerful tools to use in service of justice, inclusion, and equity

COVID-19 Support for the Grants Management Community

Events, resources, and reporting

2023 Salary Report

Explore key trends and detailed data

We stand in solidarity

Our new President and CEO...

Satonya Fair!


PEAK Grantmaking offers a wealth of opportunities for members to build skills, engage with peers, and help their organizations – and philanthropy – to achieve greater impact through principled grantmaking practice.

Share ideas, post questions, and make connections in our member discussion forums


A collection of tools to help transform your grantmaking practice


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Tap reporting that inspires equitable, effective grantmaking practice

Around PEAK Grantmaking

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